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Build a Low-Cost, Versatile Storage Building

Get started on your pole barn construction project in Milroy, Shelbyville, and Indianapolis, IN

Need a building constructed to hold livestock or farming equipment? We can help. John Schwartz Construction specializes in pole barn construction services in the Milroy, Shelbyville, and Indianapolis, IN area.

A pole barn is a farm building that doesn't have a foundation. Instead, it has poles that are set in the ground and sides consisting of corrugated steel or aluminum panels. Over the years, pole framing has become a popular building technique because of its low cost and ability to be easily modified. The poles and siding can be moved around to fit your ever-changing needs.

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3 reasons to build a pole barn

John Schwartz Construction offers pole barn construction services in Milroy, IN and surrounding areas. You may want to consider a pole barn because:

  • They cost less than traditional farm buildings
  • They can be easily altered to fit your current farming needs
  • They can be built faster than a traditional building
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